A pioneer in fiber-optic subsystems. Was the first-to-market with L Band EDFA in 1998 and invented SmartAmp intelligent optical amplifiers in 1999.

Acquired by JDS Uniphase (August 20th, 1999)

Based upon recent technology breakthroughs, ViOptix(formerly Photonify)'s diffuse optical imaging and spectroscopy (DOIS) systems make it possible to provide non-invasive imaging of specific physiological characteristics of human tissues. The large array of potential applications of DOIS provides tremendous opportunities for the company's growth.

The first fiber-optic company that brings hardware, software and optics together in a large scale to create software enabled fiber-optic smart subsystem solutions based on its patented POP technology.
Evergen is engaged in the research, development, production and distribution of biological products and services using cutting edge embryo biotechnologies, including nuclear transfer technology for animal cloning, in vitro embryo production, in vivo embryo production, transgenic animal production, embryo sexing and many other reproductive biotechnologies.





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