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Who is DowsLake Venture Ltd.?

  DowsLake Venture is formed and administrated by hi-tech entrepreneurs who have strong technology backgrounds and who have already had success in technology startups.

Why DowsLake Venture Ltd.?

  The strong technical and entrepreneurial background of our principals allows us easily to share the same vision of technology entrepreneurs. We speak the same tech-language and we know what's most important that technology enterpreneurs need in founding new ventures. What we like the most are the chalenge, the fun, and the reward by working with those who believe in technology, believe in opportunities and believe in themselves.

What area of businesses work with DowsLake Venture?

  We are specializing in fast growing high tech aera such as Fiber Optics, Networking, Wireless and e-business.

What is the typical amount of capital invested by DowsLake Venture?

  We specialize in early stage businesses that typically require between $50,000 and $1m. We could also invest alongside others to complete the total financing requirement for higher financing. Additionally, businesses seeking larger amounts of capital, often secure a lead investor from the network, which helps to secure the rest of the funding from other sources.

What is the process?


If you have a great idea that you believe that's going to have an impact in the industry you are in, whether you already have a biz plan or not, check with us.

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