DowsLake Venture is formed by experienced and successful enterpreneurs who have funded technology companies. We are a seed/early-stage venture capital firm specializing in Fiber Optics, Networking, Wireless and e-business startups.

Major principals of DowsLake Venture are all high level technologist who have Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Photonics. We understand better technology than those conventional venture capitalists. We bring to the new companies our experience, expertise, a shared vision and capital to nurture opportunities along the path to success. We are not just investors. We are entrepreneurs to start, technologists to end. Our background allows us to bring added value to the enterprise we invest.

We seeks investment opportunities in the start-up companies that have the potential to dominate their market niche. We generally invest US $50,000 to $1 million although we can arrange for higher financing where appropriate. Our time horizon is typically three to six years.

We've made our millions through our technology vision, smart thinking, and hard working. If you have a vision, let's share it, and work hard for it!


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